PacMan 1.4

Yum yum! Don't those orange dots look tasty?


  • Faithful reproduction of the original
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Glitchy graphics
  • Fiddly controls

Not bad

Although the game looks a little dated these days it's important to remember that we owe a lot to PacMan. Without that hungry little yellow ball the world of computer games could've turned out a lot different.

PacMan for Palm is a pretty faithful recreation of the arcade classic, complete with the original cast of colored ghosts, fruit and orange dots (or pills or whatever they are - does anyone actually know?)

Of course, this means it's great fun to play, but it also made me remember exactly how hard PacMan is to play. It's not helped by the rather cumbersome stylus control method, where you need to tap the direction which you want the little fella to travel in. It can be tricky to make sharp about-turns, or duck around a corner at the last minute because you need to be very precise with your stylus.

This demo version of PacMan only gives you one life, which gets pretty annoying. Also, the high scores function is disabled, so you'll need to pay the $10 registration fee if you really want to play the game properly.

It's worth mentioning too, that I experienced a strange bug with the game where sometimes the graphics would mess up and the maze would turn black and white.

All in all this is a pretty accurate recreation of PacMan for the Palm, albeit one you'll need a lot of practice at.



PacMan 1.4

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